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Easy Steps to Caring for Your Curtains

Curtains can instantly elevate your windows and change the look of a room. In addition to making your windows look attractive, they also provide much-needed privacy. Your curtains can create a retreat for you to retire to at the end of a long day or a lively living room where you can entertain guests. When properly cared for, curtains can last for many years. Unfortunately, many people must replace their curtains after only a few short years because they didn’t maintain them properly.

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The Right Care for the Fabric

Different fabrics have different care requirements. Much like you wouldn’t put diesel fuel in your family sedan, you shouldn’t toss your sheer curtains or sheer shades into the washing machine. The delicate fabric will never make it through a cycle, even in delicate mode. You should always hand wash your sheer fabrics and be sure to never wring them. Better still, wash them covered with a separate cloth like a simple pillowcase.

Dust is the Enemy

You likely dust and vacuum your home regularly, but curtains are frequently neglected. Since they are often pulled shut while the windows are open, they tend to gather quite a lot of dust. You can let it go for several months, and maybe even a year, without obvious damage. Left too much longer, you’ll notice your curtains losing their luster and looking dingy and dull. There’s no saving them at that point, and you’ll have to replace your window coverings. A simple way to keep your curtains looking new is to dust them regularly. Once a month should be enough, and all you need is a vacuum with a brush attachment. No special materials are required!

Save Them from the Sun

The damaging rays of the sun beat down on your window coverings all day long. After a short time, you’ll notice the fabrics of your curtains or drapes have become discolored. Always opt for liners to help protect and extend the life of your curtains. Pro tip: avoid light-colored fabric and liners for windows facing east. The rays of the sun are strongest from that direction.

Length Affects Longevity

Depending on what room your drapery will hang in, it’s usually best to avoid ones so long that they puddle on the floor. Long drapes are fine for formal dining rooms that don’t see much traffic, but in average living areas, long curtains run the risk of being frequently stepped on. This will pull the curtains from their panel tracks and quickly lead to damage. Ask one of our design professionals what length would be perfect for your home and lifestyle.

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