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Stunning Shutters for your Home in the Summer

The key to enjoying the seasonal heat of summer is that you don’t let it follow you home. Home is where we want cool temperatures and comfortable spaces to refresh and recharge for another fun, summertime outing. Creating this ideal indoor summertime environment requires the strategic use of natural elements, namely light and airflow, which is achievable by getting shutters for your home this summer.

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters Alpharetta, Georgia (GA) the best shutters for your home in the summertime

Natural light presents two special challenges during the summer. First, when sunlight enters a home through a window the solar heat is intensified which in turn increases the indoor temperature. More light entering the home means more heat, and more intensified heat is entering the home, and so to maintain a cool indoor temperature that light, and the subsequent heat, need to be controlled. Secondly, natural light can interfere with the sleep cycle for some people in the summertime because of the extended hours of daylight. So, if you’re a person or have a child whose bedtime is early or whose wake-up time is late, summer sunlight can pose a challenge in achieving healthy lengths of sleep. Therefore, light control is crucial to the home environment during the summer to control heat and create a dark, sleep-inducing environment.

The second natural element that helps to create comfortable indoor spaces during the summer is natural ventilation, or in other words fresh air. Natural ventilation prevents the inside of your home from feeling stuffy or musty especially on humid days. And, with the strategic use of cross breezes a natural cooling effect occurs as air movement, like that from a fan, helps spaces feel more comfortable for the inhabitants.

One window treatment that helps control light and simultaneously allows for natural ventilation is plantation style indoor shutters. The louvered design of shutters has stood the test of time, remaining a popular window treatment for hundreds of years because the slatted design can ingeniously control both natural light and airflow. The hard louvers of shutters are excellent at blocking light for room-darkening effects; they can also be tilted to deflect direct light but still allow natural illumination to enter. The louver’s tilting also affects natural airflow in a space; the louvers can close completely to block movement, open partially to allow some natural airflow yet still protect against the elements or open completely to create cooling cross breezes. That’s why getting shutters for your home is so popular in the summertime; they help reduce solar heat and increase natural airflow simultaneously and at adjustable levels that are easy for homeowners to control.

Hunter Douglas makes three plantation style interior shutters: Heritance® Hardwood ShuttersPalm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters, and NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters. All three styles afford the same degree of control over light and airflow that you want in shutters for your home so that you can better control the temperature and overall atmosphere in the home. They differ only in the material their louvers are made from and the features those different constructions afford.

To learn more about shutters for your home and the different benefits and features of the Hunter Douglas line of plantation shutters, contact Classic Blinds and Shutters today. Their helpful design team is ready to help you find and install the perfect shutters for your home this summer. Request a consultation online or stop by our showroom in Alpharetta, GA. Classic Blinds and Shutters serves the entire North Atlanta metro area, including Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek, GA.