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How to Create a Cozy Space

As the year grows to a close, families often spend lots of time together indoors, away from the winter weather, enjoying some quality time together. Creating a space in your home with a warm and comfortable atmosphere can work wonders for sparking some lasting family memories. There are many ways to make a cozy space, and the Classic Blinds & Shutters team is sharing a few of our favorites with you.

Image of a cozy room with a fireplace

Use Texture

The fun part about using texture to create a cozy space is that you can use anything you want. Throw blankets, wicker baskets; it’s all up to you. Window treatments are another excellent place to add exciting textures. Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery offers an array of fabrics and textures that look great on their own or layered with other window coverings.

Add Warmth

One of our favorite ways to add warm touches is by using wood. Hardwood blinds, tables, or flooring are fantastic options for bringing a warm character to a space. You can also use warm shades of paint or wallpaper to make a room feel more welcoming.

Introduce Natural Elements

Do you notice how calming it is to take a leisurely walk in nature? That’s because the outdoors tends to be relaxing, which is vital to feeling comfortable and cozy. Woven shades, like Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, are made using all-natural materials that bring a little of the outdoors inside. You can also use houseplants (faux is fine) or pictures of landscapes to bring nature into your space.

Get Rustic

Rustic elements and antique items can evoke happy memories of the past, which make your friends and family feel more comfortable in your home. To make it work, you don’t have to go all-in on the theme. Combine antique pieces with contemporary ones to create a unique, lived-in look.

Lighting Matters

Small table and floor lamps and accent lighting provide a much cozier space than bright overhead lights. If you want to have ceiling lighting, opt for a chandelier that will bounce light around the room rather than in a direct beam. Dimmer switches are another excellent solution for times when you’ll be enjoying family time or entertaining guests after dinner.

Create a Cozy Space with Classic Blinds & Shutters

The designers at Classic Blinds & Shutters designers are ready to help you make your interior decor dreams a reality. We have custom Hunter Douglas window treatments, flooring, to help you create a cozy space anywhere in your home. We’re in Alpharetta, GA, and serve the North Atlanta Metro area, including Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek, GA. Estimates for any project are always free. Contact us today to get started.