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Luxury Custom Rugs and More for Homes

It is hard to think of a piece of our home décor that is more foundational than flooring. After all, flooring is literally what sets the foundation for the rest of our décor. But flooring doesn’t end after you pick carpet, hardwood, or tile. We may not often think about it, but the floors of our homes are a space that can be decorated just as much as our walls or our furniture. Rugs and other floor coverings are a deeply underrated way to add some pizzazz and functionality to your home, and we can understand why. Finding the right rug for your space can be incredibly difficult. Not only are you concerned with matching the rest of your décor, but the size and functionality of rugs can make them unusually difficult to shop for. So why not just stop shopping for them altogether and create your own? Keep reading to let the team at Classic Blinds and Shutters tell you why you should choose luxury custom rugs and more for homes near Johns Creek, GA.

Luxury custom rugs and Hunter Douglas classic blinds and window treatments near Johns Creek, Georgia (GA).

#1. Your space is an unusual size

No two homes are exactly the same. Even if you live in a suburb of similarly designed houses, there are likely to be small differences between each home in your neighborhood. However, the nature of mass production means that items are designed around a lowest common denominator to be appealing to as many consumers as possible. This can make shopping for a rug particularly tough, especially if your space is an unusual shape or size. This is also where luxury custom rugs are an ideal solution. Our rugs are not made until you give us the exact specifications of your space, so you will always know that they will fit perfectly.

#2. You have specific fabric needs

Rugs can serve a variety of different purposes that are going to impact what they are made of and how they are used. Rugs that are primarily going to be ornamental pieces do not necessarily need to be as soft to the touch as rugs that are going to be walked or sat upon. When you choose to partner with Classic Blinds and Shutters to create luxury custom rugs, we will be able to ensure that your rug not only suits your design needs, but your lifestyle needs as well.

#3. You want your space to feel united

Because most of us buy our décor from a number of different retailers over the years, our homes can occasionally feel like a mishmash of a wide variety of incompatible styles. If you want your home to truly feel like it was meant to be, one way to remedy this is to work with one retailer who can satisfy a variety of needs, like Classic Blinds and Shutters. Not only can we create luxury custom rugs for you, but we also create custom furniture, feature wallpaper, and carry the full selection of custom Hunter Douglas window treatments.

To learn more about luxury custom rugs and more for homes near Johns Creek, GA, contact Classic Blinds and Shutters today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Alpharetta, GA, but we also proudly serve the entire north Atlanta metro area, including Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek, GA.