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Reasons to Invest in Shutters

Have you ever thought about adding shutters to your home? They are often mistaken as an exterior-only window treatment but are quickly gaining popularity as an interior window treatment. At Classic Blinds & Shutters, we know that shutters offer more than just classic good looks. They are available in hardwood and faux wood and offer several benefits. We’ll share some of those benefits with you here.

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Why Choose Shutters?

Shutters can be integrated with current design elements in most rooms. They have a timeless appearance which means they look just as good in a classic setting as in a contemporary one. With both wood and faux wood options, you can place shutters anywhere in your home, including humid areas, such as bathrooms.

Personal Expression

Your home should be an extension of your style. You want it to look fabulous and well-maintained, and shutters offer those benefits. Custom-made shutters will fit your windows like a glove. Inside mounted shutters will have minimal gaps, which means more privacy, light control, and UV protection for your home.

Increased Property Value

Even if you aren’t currently thinking of selling your home, shutters will add to the appraisal value if you ever do. Shutters are the only window treatment to be considered a permanent addition, and many potential buyers are willing to pay for homes with custom shutters already installed. Your home’s curb appeal will also increase significantly with the incorporation of shutters.

Enhanced Privacy with Easy Maintenance

Installed shutters provide an additional layer of security at your window, and the louvers allow you to decide how much sunlight and privacy you want at any given time. You can also swing your shutters open for maximum sunlight and an unfettered view of the outdoors. Shutters will last for many years with simple maintenance, such as regular dusting. If your shutters are made of natural hardwood, you will need to condition the wood with oil and avoid exposing them to moisture, but that’s the extent of the requirements.

Hunter Douglas Shutters

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters boast a rich character and the epitome of craftsmanship. Truemill® dovetail construction creates a more structurally sound shutter by interlocking panel components instead of using glue. You can choose from over 35 finishes or have a color made just for you.

Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters are made using an innovative material that is guaranteed never to crack, chip, peel, or fade even with exposure to heat, humidity, and UV rays. DuraLux™ Finish provides the matte look of a finely painted shutter in various neutral colors.

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters are the perfect combination of beauty and durability. UltraGrain® finish gives your shutters the most realistic stain-like appearance available today. Hybrid shutters are ideal for high-traffic areas and busy households with active children. An added benefit of shutters is their cordless design, which enhances the safety of your home. Quick Align™ preset louver positions allow you to adjust and align your shutters effortlessly.

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