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Are Painted Shutters or Stained Wood Shutters Right for Your Home?

Whether you live in a coastal cottage, a Southern Victorian, or a modern Georgian home, wooden window shutters can add distinction, charm, and elegance to any window setting. These beautiful window treatments come in a wide array of styles, colors, and designs, but one of the biggest choices that can make a huge difference in the look and performance of these shutters is whether or not they are stained or painted. Both options work, but each comes with its own unique set of visuals and benefits.

Gray stained Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters hanging in a hallway near Alpharetta, GA


Whichever way you go, our wood shutters are offered in various rich stains and paint colors that will enhance the appeal of your windows in any room. Before you decide, consider the personality of the room. Is it a library? A den? A kitchen? A nursery? What are your existing furnishings, accessories, floors, wall treatments, art, and overall style? It’s essential to ponder all of this because stained or painted shutters will have a vastly different effect on your home’s interior depending on the style.


One advantage to stained wood shutters is that stain allows the natural grains and glow of the wood to shine through. Shutters stained in rich hues of chestnut and mahogany can add a distinguished, masculine effect to a room. Often rooms with hardwood floors, trim, and panels are complimented even more by darkly stained shutters. Choosing rich, luxurious fabrics in gem tones can complete the library-study look or even the hunter’s den. Shutters stained with lighter shades, such as oak or birch hues, can offer a lighter effect and could work well in an airy kitchen adjacent to a windowed door rolling out to a generous patio setting.


Painted wood shutters can also be used in rooms with dark floors and trim. A shutter painted in a soft shade of cream against a deep wood trim can make a bold statement in any room. Painted shutters offer a precise, crisp look and lighten any space. Choosing lighter paint colors can add a touch of femineity and charm to a bedroom, dressing room, or an eat-in kitchen. To add even more distinction, valances upholstered in cheery, bright fabrics can add layers to the personality of the room. Painted wood shutters are great for three and four-season porches furbished with wicker, floral fabrics and potted plants. Sometimes matching the shutter paint to your existing paint trim can add an open, spacious ambiance.


Without a doubt, windows are the most important feature of your home. Nothing is more valuable to your well-being than to let the natural world pour in. Shutters will add a new dimension and allow you to control your view and light. The exquisite design of Hunter Douglas Heritance® Wood Shutters will add everlasting beauty to your home.

Stop by our showroom or request a consultation. It always helps to bring pics of your place so we can see the beauty of your home and envision your shutter-treated windows with you.