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Custom Rugs

At Classic Blinds & Shutters Design Center, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in your home, and a living room rug or area rug can help insulate your floors and keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature year-round. We also understand how challenging it can be to find the perfect rug. Finding a color and pattern that compliments your existing interior decor can be difficult. Once you decide on color, you also have to worry about the size of the rugs. Are you looking for small doormats, runners, a medium rug, or a large wide rug? Do you need a boutique rug in an unusual shape? Then you have to hope the rug pad is thick enough and the pile is what you are looking for.

Allow us to remove all of that stress with our custom area rugs. Our design experts can help you find exactly what you are looking for, and you never have to worry about searching the shelves again. We stock high-quality rugs from top-of-the-line manufacturers, and our selection is unmatched. Whether you have a contemporary, classic, or trendy style, our team can find the boutique rug that fits you.

Benefits of Custom Rugs

Our rugs come in hundreds of colors and patterns and weaves, but the benefits of a kitchen rug, a living room rug, or an area rug go far beyond just aesthetics. The right rug can provide a variety of other benefits to your home.


Rugs and runners give extra insulation to your home. Rugs add an extra layer that traps cool air and keeps it from seeping up and cooling your space. The rugs also help keep your feet nice and toasty. This makes an area rug a great addition to your bedroom. You can slip out of your warm sheets and onto a lovely soft shag rug that will keep away the morning chill. This insulation also traps hot air in the summer, keeping your home just a little bit cooler. Not only does this make your feel more comfortable in your home, but it can also reduce your energy use and your electric bill.

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Another significant benefit of classic rugs is the protection they provide for your floors. Doormats keep dirt from being tracked into your home. Runners and area rugs protect high traffic areas of your home, trapping dust and grime. Rugs can also be placed underneath heavy furniture as an added layer of support for the weight. They also keep your decor from slipping and sliding on your floors. That way, you won’t leave gouges or scrapes in your floors or dent and scrape your walls or furniture.


Knotted rugs add an inviting atmosphere to your living room, flatweave rugs give easy-to-clean protection, vibrant geometric patterns add fun to a playroom, and a boutique accent rug can pull the decor of a room together. Rugs can turn a house into a home. They are also easily movable. You can change the look of your home simply by shifting a rug from one room to another. With our vast selection of colors, patterns, weaves, and piles, Classic Blinds & Shutters Design Center has just what you need to bring beauty into your home.


All of the other benefits are true of any rug you might purchase for your home, but what sets our rugs apart is the customization. Explore our selection of colors, patterns, piles, and weaves until you find exactly what works for you. Then our experts can help you measure your space to make sure you know exactly what size rug you need. All of our rugs are custom cut to match the size you need. We can also create unique shapes like corner runners, oval area rugs, and more. Then you choose the binding type, and we build your brand new rug. Our experts can also help you with setup and installation, so you never have to worry about edges pulling up.

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With all of those fantastic benefits, there is no reason not to get a custom rug from Classic Blinds & Shutters Design Center. Our team of expert designers is ready to help you out from the begging to the end of your next home decor project. We can walk you through all of the options, make suggestions on style, color, and size, and then help you measure and install your pieces. We are also about more than just custom rugs. We also offer custom window coverings and custom furniture. Our design center is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and we proudly serve the entire North Atlanta metro area, including Milton and John’s Creek.